ConfigAir UI (ConfigAir Web User Interface)

ConfigUI is a feature-rich modern user interface add-on to SAP ECC / CRM, enhancing product configuration and pricing experience with SAP Internet Pricing and Configuration (IPC) or Solution Sales Configuration (SSC) modules. It can serve as a plug-in replacement or can be deployed alongside the standard SAP IPC Java Server Pages (JSP) User interface, SAP Web Channel Experience Management product configuration interface in all scenarios supported.

Product Features

Seamless screen update using asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX)

Standard SAP IPC user interface only provides rules validation and price update by a complete screen refresh (possibly including re-scrolling), forcing the user to wait before making additional selections. ConfigAir UI provides a seamless, no-refresh validation of all rules and pricing, allowing the user to proceed without interruptions.

Integrated 2D / 3D product visualization

SAP IPC has only a limited capability of dynamic product visualization based on static overlaid GIF images. ConfigAir UI has a rich framework for product visualization supporting complex layout logic and bi-directional integration between the visualization scene and the SAP product model. Both two-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional visualization is supported. All updates to the visualization are seamless and do not require screen refresh.

Example of a simple 2D visualization, including static feature images with drag & drop operation. Instance images from the instance tree can be dragged and dropped into a particular layer / position in the product visualization area in the right-hand pane:

Extensive library of rich user interface widgets

ConfigAir UI sports a library of rich user interface widgets available to enhance user interaction with specific features, such as colors, dates, numeric interval values, etc.


Explicit support for SAP Solution Sales Configuration

ConfigAir UI is built with full-features support for complex product / service multi-level solution configurations, with an AJAX enabled configuration instance tree and selection of Advanced Data Type (ADT) characteristics.

Other functions

ConfigAir UI attempts to assist a power user in multiple areas in order to find the information required as quickly as possible - for example in the case of selections with many available values, power users can start typing the values directly and the user interface automatically filters available values:

Required characteristics are highlighted with a yellow background (and optionally an interactive tooltip):

Also, conflicting characteristics are highlighted with a red background (and optionally an interactive tooltip)

More Information

Please see ConfigAir User Interface Frequently Asked Questions or contact us here or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more and request a free demo.