ConfigAir Server Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Operating Systems / Cloud Environments does ConfigAir Server run on? 
    Server can run on any J2EE container (e.g. SAP J2EE Engine, Jboss), but we also support it on Apache Tomcat servlet container. Minimum supported Java version is 1.6. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows / Windows Server, Linux - both 32 and 64 bit versions. For cloud deployments we currently support Microsoft Azure (, with Amazon Elastic Cloud (Amazon EC2, support under development.

  2. What SAP ECC / ERP versions does ConfigAir Server integrate with? 
    ConfigAir Server is capable of interfacing with SAP ECC using the "good old" Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) services, which have been supported by SAP for many years. For practical reasons, we officially support ECC 6.0 at all Enhancement Pack levels.

  3. Is ConfigAir Server using secure client communication?
    Yes, it supports standard HTTPS protocol.

  4. Which databases are supported with ConfigAir Server?
    Currently, the only database supported by ConfigAir Server is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or newer. Other databases can be qualified upon request, please contact us 

  5. Do you support running ConfigAir Server on virtualized hardware such as VMWare or Citrix Xenserver?
    Yes, certainly. While for optimal performance we recommend that the database server runs on a physical machine, we support virtual machines for both database and application tiers.